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New XD Beveling Head

Cut beveled parts with speed and precision using our industrial-quality torch beveling system. Originally engineered for 3D structural cutting, this unique design can handle the most complex of your plate beveling needs.

  • Rotation axis over 180 degrees for structural cutting
  • Tilt axis 52 degrees to -52 degrees
  • Near zero backlash for long end effector
  • Ceramic coating extremely resistant to chemicals and corrsion

5-Axis Torch Beveling

Our compact 5-axis plate beveling unit gives the plasma torch a full 360 degree range of motion. When designing this system, our goal was to build an industrial quality bevel-head that would expand beyond the capabilites that are typically offered on a plate cutting machine.

Robust Bevel Lifter

Designed for the high-speed and precise movements that are required for beveling applications, our robust bevel lifter takes height control to another level. This lifter is built to handle the tough demands of production bevel cutting.

  • Bearing design and preload for beveling application
  • Gravity compensation pnematic counterbalance
  • High speed to get that torch to the next orientation

Industrial Grade Design

From decades of experience in automation, we have learned the value of simplicity to keep the customer downtime to a minimum. Lightweight, protected from harsh enviroments and easy to service, our beveling system is built with longevity and reliability in mind.

Our beveling system is fully compatible with the new XPR series plasmas which represent Hypertherm’s most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology ever. When coupling this system with our new 10 horsepower drill unit, plate cutting machines will reach new heights in production and performance.

Learn More About the XPR300

Advanced Plate Mapping

Manufacturers have dealt with the unreliable technique of voltage height control for years. With our laser mapping system for bevel cutting, you can get reliable and repeatable bevel cuts every time.

Precision Bevel Cutting

Our high performance bevel-head with auto-calibration ensures high quality parts time and time again. When combining our advanced beveling system with the new drill, the possibilities are pushed far beyond those of a standard plate cutting machine.

Crash Detection System

One of the unique features of this revolutionary design, the entire assembly is protected by a magnetic-mounted crash detection system.

Oxy Torch Compatible

Introducing our oxy torch plate beveling system! This system uses an interchangle torch design with an adapter for the bevel unit.

Want the very best in servo motion? Yaskawa's new Sigma 7 servo system is pushing motion to a whole new level. Yaskawa is now partnered with ATek Automation so that we can bring you the very best in machine movement.

  • Smooth and Precise Allowing for High Quality Parts
  • Reliable and Durable to Give Consistant Results
  • New Sigma-7 Servo Package Offers Next-Level Motion