Products and Technology

Plasma / Oxy Fuel / Drill Controllers


Our revolutionary new controller comes with all the tools you need to maximize performance and productivity. With an interactive 3D interface that's uniquely designed for each specific machine, you can view machine progress and diagnostics in real-time.

  • Top-Tier Industrial Hardware
  • Powerful Components Including an I7 Processor and Solid State Drives
  • Capable of Expansion for Different Machine Processes

5-Axis Beveling

Torch Beveling

Cut beveled parts with speed and precision using our industrial-quality torch beveling system. Our patent pending beveling technology can reach places never before possible on a plate machine.

  • Magnetic Crash Detection System
  • Three Point Material Mapping
  • "K" Beveling and "Y" Beveling Capabilities
  • Built with High Quality Components

Drilling / Milling / Tapping

Carbide Drilling

New to the product line, we introduce our 5 and 10 hp drilling units. Our versitile drill boasts a heavy duty construction while producing high quality parts by utilizing carbide drilling, helical milling, and rigid tapping.

  • Constructed for Carbide Tooling
  • Rigid Tapping Available
  • Through-Spindle Coolant at up to 300psi
  • External Flood Coolant

Plasma and Oxy Torch Lifters

Torch Lifters

We've engineered a line of high precision lifters to handle an assortment of applications such as standard plasma and oxy cutting as well as plate beveling.

  • Optional Laser System for Automatic Plate Skewing
  • Pneumatic Door for Laser Protection
  • Magnetic Mounted Crash Detection System
  • Smooth and Precise Servo Motion

Custom Control Cabinets / Electrical

Custom Electrical

With a staff of electrical engineers and a stocked panel shop, we build high-quality custom electrical cabinets. Our units are built for the age of fieldbus networks with special consideration for noise immunity.

  • A Variety of Fieldbus Networks Available
  • Military Grade External Connectors
  • Many Custom Options to Choose From

Temporary and Permanent Marking Solutions

Marking Solutions

If your company desires a way to keep track of part numbers, batch numbers, heat numbers, etc. either temporarily or permanently, we offer several ways of achieving your material marking needs.

  • Permanent or Temporary Marking
  • Economic and Efficient
  • Easily Add Heat Numbers/Part Numbers to Most Materials

Automated Machinery Accessories

Machine Accessories

Our automation accessories, such as the pen marking attachment, further expand the capabilities of plate machines while our POE cameras and remote controls simplify the more common tasks.

  • Power Over Ethernet Cameras with Protective Housing
  • Wireless Bluetooth Controllers Help with Machine Jogging and Torch Placement
  • Pen Marking Attachment Gives an Alternate to Scribing