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New Permanent Marking Solutions

Our new dot peen marking system is a fast and economic, permanent marking solution. With only one consumable, consisting of a carbide stylus, the dot peen system will mark on most materials, from plastic to hardened steel.


Heavy duty construction using the highest quality materials.


With the use of only one consumable(Stylus) and without the need for other materials such as used in ink markers, the dot peen marker is an excellent economic choice for your marking needs.


Capable of marking part numbers, heat numbers, etc in a matter of seconds.

Heavy Duty Construction

Our dot peen units are heavily constructed for the toughest enviroments of steel fabrication shops across the country. No detail was overlooked in designing a brand new dot peen marking system that would produce consistant and reliable results all while simplifying the maintenance process and preserving the longevity of the machine.

Full 360° Marking Capabilities

Capable of marking at angles from 0° to 360°, solving problems with difficult and unconvential diagonal marking solutions.

Adjustable Force, Speed, and 'Quality'

With fully user adjustable paramaters for force, speed, and quality, the Dot Peen marking systems allows you to streamline your workflow for different materials and sizes of characters based on the job at hand.

Crash Protection and Intelligent Measuring

With built in crash protection and intelligent measurement, your stylus is sure to stay good for as long as possible and ensure that machine down-time is kept to an absolute minimum on the production floor.